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Kearny, NJ 07032



PhD         New York University, Educational Communication & Technology, defended April 2018

Formation and Composition of Student Groups as a Teaching Methodology

Christopher Hoadley (chair), Camillia Matuk, and Francis Stage

M.A.   Montclair State University, English/Writing Studies, January 2004

                Culture, Access, Technology, and the Basic Writer

                Robert Whitney (director), Emily Isaacs, and Sharon Lewis

B.A.        Montclair State University, English/American Literature, January 1998


New York University




AMLT-GE-2073: Education & Social Reform-South Africa Study Abroad (TA)

Montclair State University




ENWR105: Introduction to College Writing I (Hybrid/Blended)



ENWR105: Introduction to College Writing I (Hybrid/Blended)

PSYC199: New Student Seminar (Hybrid/Online)


PSYC199: New Student Seminar (Hybrid/Online)



PSYC199: New Student Seminar


PSYC199: New Student Seminar



PSYC199: New Student Seminar



ENWR106: College Writing II: Writing and Literary Studies



ENWR100: Introduction to Basic Writing (GA)


ENWR100: Introduction to Basic Writing (GA)



ENWR100: Introduction to Basic Writing (GA)


ENWR105: Introduction to College Writing I (TA)


Montclair State University, Montclair, NJ

College of Humanities and Social Sciences (CHSS)

Director, CHSS Center for the Digital Humanities (CDH)     January 2017 to Present

Along with CHSS Dean Robert Friedman, I developed and implemented the concept of a center to focus on the digital humanities research, scholarship, and grants of our faculty. A 1,500 s/f space was identified and I redesigned it to include a fully reconfigurable resource lab, event space, and conference room. A six-member Faculty Advisory Committee was established to consult and provide input.

The CDH is supported by a student team funded through Federal Work Study.  When transitioning to the Center, a significant technical component was added to the student team job description. A 15-week training program was implemented in Fall 2017 and in Spring 2018 the entire student team converted it into a 15-module Canvas course.  Newly hired team members complete the modules at their own pace.

The CDH also offers six co-op internships for MSU students: Communications, Community & Social Media, Digital Media Support, Event Planning, Grant Writing, and Web Support & Development. Internships and the CDH Student Support Team are carefully structured experiences designed to provide students with important skills while supporting the needs of the Center.

Major Accomplishments




Reviewed and awarded two Summer DH Grants


Hosted one-day workshop on GIS in the Humanities, with over 40 attendees from throughout MSU and seven non-MSU institutions



Reviewed and awarded the Center first three Summer DH Grants


Received a $65,000 internal grant for technology to be used in the CDH to upgrade the presentation technology, add the ability to live stream and record simultaneously, and a media “quiet room.


Established the Summer Digital Humanities Grant program.


Moved into the space for the CDH


Redesigned 1,500 s/f space for the new home of the Center



Represented MSU as one of six founding institutions of the New Jersey Digital Humanities Consortium: Drew, Princeton, Rutgers, Seton Hall, & Stockton.

Various Positions                                                 November 1997 to January 2017

My role in the CHSS developed over time but always tied directly to the role of technology in education and projected needs of the college. I have applied for, and been awarded, reappointment eight times and would be up again in 2023.

Director, CHSS Emerging & Instructional Technology    April 2008 to January 2017

  • Designed and implemented the first web-based assessment process for hybrid and online courses offered in the CHSS
  • Wrote the application resulting in CHSS being one of three finalist institutions to replace Duke as the Institutional Partner in HASTAC
  • Advised and informed the CHSS administration regarding the status of hybrid and online learning
  • Research project with Associate Dean aimed at reducing the high percentage of WD grades in online and hybrid courses
  • Worked with the Writing Studio on ways to help studio-based courses work more effectively and efficiently.
  • Initiated and directed CHSS social media efforts until a full-time college-based communications position was created and filled
  • Provided on-site workshops and training

Director, CHSS Technology Services                                     June 2003 to April 2008

  • Establish the first non-centralized, locally-funding technology support unit at MSU
  • Awarded a Performance-Based Promotion
  • Supervised technology provision and help desk support for 400+ CHSS full-time faculty members, adjunct instructors, administrators, and staff, with supervision of three full-time staff and up to a dozen students per semester
  • Worked with instructors to identify ways to apply, adopt, and develop academic technology

Second life Project Coordinator                                                             2008 – 2009

College of Education and Human Services, MSU

Consulted with the Dean and Associate Dean of MSU’s College of Education and Human Services (CEHS) regarding the CEHS’s virtual world presence and worked with CEHS faculty to develop, design, and build course components.

Special Assistant to the CHSS Dean                                November 1997 to June 2003

  • Maintained and developed the local Access database system designed to support administrative needs such as overload and the faculty scholarship program
  • Crash recovery. migrated from Access to FileMakerPro.  Eventually these services were replaced by a centralized service
  • Replaced over 200 VAX units with the first desktop computer in faculty offices




NJEdge Award for Excellence in Educational Technology
This award celebrates outstanding service and exemplary contributions to Montclair State University in general, the College of Humanities and Social Sciences in particular, and the higher education community at large.

Innovation Scholars Scholarship
The Innovation Scholars Program celebrates the roles of graduate students who are preparing to lead in education and talent innovation. It provided a fully-funded scholarship to attend the 2018 ASU GSV Summit.


May and Samuel Rubin Award

Awarded to an NYU Educational Communication and Technology doctoral students who has excelled in their studies and in their commitment to the program and field.


Erwin and Hazel Dingman Award

Recognition of students in the NYU Department of Administration, Leadership & Technology who show evidence of academic excellence.




EDUCAUSE Horizon Report Higher Education Expert Panel


New Jersey Digital Humanities Consortium Steering Committee


Emerging Learning Design Journal, Co-Editor-in-Chief


Emerging Learning Design, Founder/Executive Director


Virtual Worlds Education Roundtable, Founder/Chief Moderator


NMC Horizon Report Higher Ed Expert Panel


Emerging Learning Design Conference, Chair


EDUCAUSE Games & Learning Constituent Group, Founder/Leader


Western Governors University IT Advisory Committee


EDUCAUSE Virtual Worlds Constituent Group, Founder/Leader


EDUCAUSE 2010 Mid-Atlantic Regional Program Committee


Cecil College 2010-2015 Strategic Planning Committee


EDUCAUSE Quarterly Editorial Committee


EDUCAUSE Distributed Technology Support Constituent Group, Founder/Leader



     President Appointment


President’s Commission on Affirmative Action

     Provost Appointment


Canvas Review Core Committee


Quality Matters Institutional Representative


Online Program Development Team
Mission: investigate the university’s position in the online market, design/develop administrative, academic, and technology plans for initial program implementation, and successfully implement MSU’s first two fully online programs.


    Assessment Subcommittee (chair)


University Learning Management System Working Group

     Search Committees


CHSS Career Advisor, Chair


Assistant Registrar for System and Technology


Executive Director of Online and Extended Learning


CHSS Communications and Web Content Manager


Associate Director Technology Services, Grad School,Chair


College of Education and Human Services Tech Coordinator


Assistant Director, Facilities Management Information Systems


Help Desk Manager

     University Senate


Academic Technology Committee

Chair 2001-3 & 2008-10, elected


Professional Staff Representative, elected


Institutional Repository Task


Executive Board, elected

Administrative Affairs Council, Chair


Hybrid Online Subcommittee


Professional Staff Representative


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All presentations and workshops (other than keynotes) were peer-reviewed


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Pre-Conference Workshops

Eisert, D., Kelton, A.J., & Smith-Robbins, S. (2010, October). Down the Rabbit Hole: Augmented and Alternate Reality for Learning. Presented at the EDUCAUSE Annual Conference, Anaheim, CA, USA.

Kelton, A.J., & Smith-Robbins, S. (2009, November). Web 2.0 and the Changing Face of Education: Hands-On “Prosumer” Education in Practice. Presented at the EDUCAUSE Annual Conference, Denver, CO, USA.

Kelton, A.J., & Smith-Robbins, S. (2008, October). Millennials and Web 2.0: “Prosumer” Education in Practice. Presented at the EDUCAUSE Annual Conference, Orlando, Florida, USA.

Select Concurrent Sessions

Gerber, E., & Kelton, A.J. (2014, May). Online vs Face-to-Face: Is there a Significant Difference in Learning Outcomes? Presented at the University Teaching and Learning Showcase, Montclair, NJ USA.

Kelton, A.J. (2013, March). Research Tools for Higher Ed. Presented at the Google in Education NY/NJ Summit, Kean University. Union, NJ USA.

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